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You suggest logarithmic charts when doing Wave analysis. Sometimes I see you use linear charts in your Forecasting services. What type of chart is best for accurate 0-2 and 2-4 trendlines and why do you switch back and forth? ANSWER: Logarithmic…
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When an X-wave is longer in price than the prior A-B-C, should it be longer or shorter in time than the prior A-B-C. In your book you state it must be longer if the X wave is larger, Yet in your videos you state that X waves should be shorter…
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(186) New Tips & Hints

In expanding Triangles, is it necessary for wave-d to "overlap" wave-b? ANSWER: In all Triangles (expanding, contracting or neutral), it is essential that a portion of the price range of wave-d "overlap" a portion of the vertical price coverage…
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(185) New Tips & Hints

In a contracting triangle, can the e-leg be larger in price than the d-leg? ANSWER: The rules that make up a contracting Triangle are as follows... 1- Wave-a must be the longest in price of waves-a, c & e 2- Wave-e must be the shortest…
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(184) New Tips & Hints

Your book does not mention "leading diagonals" (i.e., a Terminal in the position of wave-1 or wave-a). Many Elliott Wave analysts recognize such patterns; do you think they exist? ANSWER: No, they don't exist. Such assumptions are caused…
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(183) New Tips & Hints

It was my belief that no leg of a Triangle, except for wave-e, could itself be a Triangle. Am I correct? ANSWER: In 1990, when I released Mastering Elliott Wave (MEW), that was also my assumption. The statements in MEW were derived from…